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Has a scientific qualification degree Bachelor of Law 92/93 and a high diploma in criminal law.

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This is me, I love law so it is my career as it gives me my right and know my duties,I sailed between its waves and collected its Pearls and survived the volatility because it protects the world

  • Member of the Kuwaiti Bar Association Degree of Enrollment ” Distinction and Constitutional High ”
  • Member of the Arab Lawyers Union.
  • Arbitrator in the Arbitration Center of the Kuwaiti Bar Association.
  • Certified Trainer, Dikm Institute for Training and Training.

Scientific and practical experiences


Served as the observer of reformist institutions and amnesty

Jan 2009

Obtained a certificate from the Arbitration Center of the Kuwaiti Lawyers Association in cooperation with the Arab Chamber of Arbitration and Arbitration International Commercial Law

April 2009

Got the certificate Arbitration in administrative penalty disputes

April 2010

Obtained the certificate “Administrative controls administrative decisions and administrative licensing procedures and the reprimand controls in the public job and got 20 specialized skills


Got a court at the arbitration center of lawyers’ lawyers Kuwait and is bound by the table of arbitrators officially accredited to me Center (b)


I obtained a certificate from DICM Consulting and Training (Integrated Approach to Trainer Preparation)


Worked as a legal researcher at the Ministry of Education


Head of the Department of Criminal Enforcement and External Communications


Obtained a certificate from the Institute of Education (IPE) with a grade of excellence (training course)


Received a training certificate in the development of supervisory skills from the Institute of Creativity of Kuwait


Served as the head of a transitional court of Hawaly


Got a certificate for the women’s course and management challenges from the Institute of Counselor for Consultancy and National Training

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Cases Types

Labor issues

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Legal Consultancy

Administrative issues

ترقيات وتقييم كفاءة وتسويات وكافة القرارات الإدارية

Air-freight issues

Contract drafting

Civil cases

مطالبات وعقارات


شكاوى وجنح وجنايات بأنواعها وادعاء مدني

Family Issues (Seni – Jafari – foreigners)

Proponents of descent and correction of names

إضافة وحذف القاب وتعديل اسم واثبات نسب

Business Issues

شركات وعقود ومطالبات

Contracts for establishing companies

Family consultation with specialized experts

The Office also provides services of Social, Psychological and Behavioral Counseling by specialized experts in collaboration with Proconsultant for Dr. Walid Al Tararwa

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